Founded 2014 in Germany, Pivian offers advanced marketing technology in the cloud which is yet easy-to-use. Our customers are B2B and B2C companies which need more and better leads for their sales team. Our solution enables them to generate more valuable leads on their own websites with less efforts and at lower costs and to grow their business.

Content is King

Content marketing is both a science and an art and the clear direction for the future of digital marketing. Billion dollar companies and mom and pop shops alike are using it to drive more leads, build their online business platforms, and boost ROI across all of their marketing efforts. The best part about content is that it levels the playing field. Even with limited resources, you can do quite a bit with the tools in this report.

Our Solutions

That’s why we’ve created the Pivian Cloud Solution. By providing a custom Resource Center that will, out-of-the-box, support your content marketing efforts on numerous levels, you’ll have everything you need to publish and promote your content and evaluate lead generation activities across a spectrum of different opportunities.

Get in Touch

The Pivian cloud solution makes it incredibly easy for anyone to create onsite lead campaigns which perform. If you have questions or would like to learn more about content marketing in general, be sure to contact us and ask to speak with one of our inbound content marketing experts.

"Getting found by customers instead of finding them."

− Pivian