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Content Marketing 2.0 through buyer personas

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Gone are the days of extensive demographic research that, at best, creates a shallow impression of who your target audience contains. The Internet and the vast resources it makes available, allows marketers to laser-target their efforts to reach people in any number of states.

Content marketing takes this targeting to the next level by providing clear solutions to problems you identify in this audience, but demographic research isn’t enough to build the kind of content needed to make this work. Read More

5 Key B2B Marketing Metrics you should care about

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It’s an age-old problem – marketing departments struggling to identify and clearly report the ROI of their efforts to executives in the organization. While the Internet has provided us more data than ever before and metrics are more accessible than they have ever been, it still comes down to identifying and reporting only the metrics that effectively paint the picture your team wants to see. Read More

Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing

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They say it’s easier to attract flies with honey, and yet when it comes to marketing and lead generation, most companies are still throwing vinegar at their audience.

Traditional marketing is about being as biting and disruptive as possible. It’s about showing up in the right place at the wrong time and interrupting someone just enough to make them pay attention. It’s about flyers in the mail, ads on the radio, cold calls at 4:45 in the afternoon, and display ads plastered all over your favorite website. Read More

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