While outbound marketing is overly expensive and foremost not trackable, smart B2B marketers now focus on inbound marketing. If you’re looking for inbound marketing support, you’ve come to the right place!

We provide Business-to-business (B2B) companies around the world with best-in-class inbound marketing services. We can make your marketing & sales processes better, make your marketing programs more effective and increase the number of qualified leads for your sales team using the latest marketing technology. We’re data-minded, ensuring that your programs succeed. We can demonstrate the success through measured key performance indicators which we will define.

Our focus is on lead generation which is the top of your marketing funnel and where visitors are converted into known users. We will generate more and better leads so that you can grow your business.

We help our clients as a one-stop service provider in three ways:

Companies we worked for:

Inbound Marketing Strategy

As seasoned strategists, we provide best practice consulting. First, we will need to understand your business, your customers, your sales & marketing programs and processes and your objectives. Second, we will draft a strategy how to achieve your objectives with the highest ROI. We will suggest tactics how to generate more leads and to turn more prospects into won opportunities. We can structure and optimize existing processes or setup new ones.

Inbound Marketing Execution

We’re passionate about execution and data. We love to plan but we are enthusiastic to put the strategy into action and see the achievements. We take care of your day-to-day inbound marketing activities to grow traffic and quality lead numbers over time. We evaluate the results with the KPIs which we have set on a regular basis to focus on activities which perform. Without accurate tracking and measurement, you lack accountability.

Inbound Marketing Software

We not only offer consulting but also our own inbound content marketing cloud solution which is optional for any consulting client. Though designed with simplicity, you might not have the resources and we help you to setup your Pivian Resource Center or to migrate from an existing marketing solution. If you need custom integrations with your CRM, we can help you too.

Areas of expertise

Lead Generation

Content Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Social Media Marketing

Metrics & Reporting

If you’d like to learn more about how Pivian can help you with your inbound marketing needs, contact us today.