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Pivian provides you a customizable Resource Center out-of-the-box which you can integrate into your existing website to host white papers, case studies and more and to generate qualified leads.

Pivian Marketing Cloud

Pivian Resource Center

Generate qualified leads on your website. Create your own Pivian Resource Center, integrate it into your website and add valuable content for download. See the leads flow in.

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Pivian Lead Database

Manage your website leads in one central database. Get email alerts once a new lead has been generated. Export leads to CSV for your CRM system so that the sales team can work on it.

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Pivian Marketing Analytics

Evaluate the performance of your content marketing. Check out charts and detailed breakdowns. Analyze easily which content, campaign or traffic source converts to leads.

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Inbound Marketing costs 62% less than Traditional Marketing

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Inbound Marketing generates 3x more leads than Traditional Marketing

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Frequent Questions

How does Pivian guarantee privacy?

All data is stored on servers in a secure server center in Munich, Germany. We generally work only with servers located within the EU. We do not share data with third-parties. We do not work with US services like Amazon AWS so that we can guarantee the high privacy levels within the EU.

Does Pivian support other languages?

Pivian is available in English. We can enable further languages. Please contact us with your requirements.

Can I add more marketing users?

The Pivian Cloud includes a User Management area which allows you to add and manage further marketing users including their permission roles like Admins, Editors or Readers. The maximum number of marketing users depends on your chosen price plan.