Pivian Lead Database

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Pivian Lead Database

Rather than storing leads from your website in multiple locations such as databases, emails, external services, etc., Pivian Lead Database allows you to consolidate your lead data making it easier and faster to access and manage. The core elements of our product are the contact list, the activity history of each contact and the possibility to add custom fields to adjust Pivian Lead Database to your business’ needs.

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Popular Features

Contact List

Every time a user downloads content material from your Resource Center and fills in the lead form, we save the data in your Contact List.

Activity History

We track various user actions. You can review when and which content a user downloaded to identify quality prospects.

Custom Fields

Add custom fields to adjust your lead forms to the specific needs of your business. You can choose field types like input fields, dropdowns or radio buttons.

Import / Export

Import your existing lead data to start building activity histories of your users. Or export your data to CSV to move it into your CRM and allow your sales guys to pick up the leads.

Email Templates

Setup email templates using placeholders based on any field from your contact list including your custom fields. You decide which information is important and needs to be forwarded to sales.

Email Alerts

Define email addresses which should be notified and forward new leads instantly to your sales team or any other person or department within your company.

Pivian Marketing & Sales Funnel

Pivian Lead Database covers your marketing funnel while your CRM solution covers the sales part.

Frequent Questions

How does Pivian guarantee privacy?

All data is stored on servers in a secure server center in Munich, Germany. We generally work only with servers located within the EU. We do not share data with third-parties. We do not work with US services like Amazon AWS so that we can guarantee the high privacy levels within the EU.

Does Pivian support other languages?

Pivian is available in English. We can enable further languages. Please contact us with your requirements.

Can I add more marketing users?

The Pivian Cloud includes a User Management area which allows you to add and manage further marketing users including their permission roles like Admins, Editors or Readers. The maximum number of marketing users depends on your chosen price plan.

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