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Pivian Marketing Analytics

Pivian Marketing Analytics give you a profound insight into the performance of your marketing activities. Track the ROI of your campaigns and content. Evaluate which keywords bring you most leads. With marketing teams needing to justify their results, it has never been more important to track and evaluate all marketing activities. As a user-centric and action-driven solution, Pivian Marketing Analytics provide you the data you need to make the right marketing decisions.

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Popular Features


Get a fast overview over your marketing performance. Focused on the key metrics, the dashboard shows data per day, week, month or for custom periods in nice charts.

Campaign Tracking

Capture the values of Google Analytics campaign parameters or setup your own URL parameters. Simply define the parameters you would like to track and we will do the rest.

SOON: Marketing Reports

Do you want to go into the details? Reports focusing on specific topics allow you to evaluate the performance of your content, keywords, marketing channels and so much more.

Google Analytics Integration

You love Google Analytics? We too! We made it easy to add Google Analytics to your Resource Center to track data of your website and Resource Center in the same account.

Frequent Questions

How does Pivian guarantee privacy?

All data is stored on servers in a secure server center in Munich, Germany. We generally work only with servers located within the EU. We do not share data with third-parties. We do not work with US services like Amazon AWS so that we can guarantee the high privacy levels within the EU.

Does Pivian support other languages?

Pivian is available in English. We can enable further languages. Please contact us with your requirements.

Can I add more marketing users?

The Pivian Cloud includes a User Management area which allows you to add and manage further marketing users including their permission roles like Admins, Editors or Readers. The maximum number of marketing users depends on your chosen price plan.

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