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The Pivian Resource Center gives you a place to offer valuable content such as datasheets, case studies or white papers on your website. Your customers will love it because they can easily find the information they are looking for. Your marketing team will love it because they can create lead campaigns without the involvement of your tech department. And your sales guys will love it too because they will get the leads they ever dreamt of.

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Popular Features


A core feature is our simple design and easy-to-use approach. You can easily setup new content and lead forms without involving your tech team. Once you use it, you will notice the difference!

Custom Design

Make it your own! You have several options to customize your Resource Center: Add your own logo, a cover image or change the colors to adjust the design to your existing website.

Search Engine Optimization

OnPage optimization is nowadays a science for itself. We put our SEO knowledge into the development of the Resource Center so that you won’t have to worry about it. It is search engine optimized out-of-the-box.

Responsive Design

Many visitors use smartphones and tablets. We built the Resource Center mobile-friendly. You won’t loose any customer since it works across devices and looks great.

Custom Domain (Paid plans only)

Our paid plans enable you to use a custom domain or subdomain such as resources.yourcompany.com and map it to your Resource Center. It’s ridiculously easy to setup.

Single Account

A true benefit for your website visitors will be that they can download resource material with their existing Pivian account. No need to register in each Resource Center. Less friction and higher conversion rates for you!

Asset Management

Manage all your resource material such as white papers, case studies, tutorials and more in one place. You can even decide in which languages and regions the material will be displayed.

Form Builder

Define which data you would like to capture when a user downloads content. Build your own forms using any fields from your contact database. You can even setup multiple forms with different structure.

Social Comments

Now you can listen to the feedback of your customers. How do they evaluate your content? Use the feedback to improve your content and get involved with your user-base. You don’t like it? We give you the option to disable it.

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  • Listen to your audience with the built-in comment feature

  • Evaluate your campaigns with Pivian Marketing Analytics

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Frequent Questions

How does Pivian guarantee privacy?

All data is stored on servers in a secure server center in Munich, Germany. We generally work only with servers located within the EU. We do not share data with third-parties. We do not work with US services like Amazon AWS so that we can guarantee the high privacy levels within the EU.

Does Pivian support other languages?

Pivian is available in English. We can enable further languages. Please contact us with your requirements.

Can I add more marketing users?

The Pivian Cloud includes a User Management area which allows you to add and manage further marketing users including their permission roles like Admins, Editors or Readers. The maximum number of marketing users depends on your chosen price plan.

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